I'm not moving.

Ralf is an interior designer.

Keith was a prison warden for ten years.

I thought it was a good idea.

I'm jealous of Tran.

He has no regard to appearance.

What? You don't know how to drive a car yet?

He was sick, so he did not go out.

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It's high time you got going.

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I walked around town wherever my feet led me.

I'll protect you.

We should go to sleep.

Ofer didn't laugh at any of Sanand's jokes.

Public engagement enhances the Government's effectiveness and improves the quality of its decisions.

Mullets are cool.

I shouted as loud as I could.

Bret met Jacob this morning.

He is above telling lies.


Give me a call if you need help.


He wrote the Chinese poem in bold strokes.


That's a great picture.

There's no such thing as a perfect sentence. Just as there's no such thing as perfect despair.

Which of the following is true about the Bilbao museum?

The African elephant is the largest land mammal on earth.

Right - clear, left - clear..., OK, all clear.

Courtney can speak three foreign languages.

Vice kicked the can.


Maria said to herself, "I am very lucky."

Worry turned his hair white.

I haven't picked up a single book this week.


Samuel and Philip stared at each other silently.


Don't let anybody see you.


I just want to see my daughter.

Don't deceive me.

Perhaps he will come.

Jong and Kelly are married, but not to each other.

For my own poor part, the fading summer left me out of health, out of spirits, and, if the truth must be told, out of money as well.

They fell in love with each other at first sight.

They met in autumn, got engaged in spring, and had a beach wedding in early summer.

Isidore may not make it.

Mikael wants to keep things as they are.


A swarm of mosquitoes followed him.

Intelligence is our ability to begin understanding (or adapting to) new information, regardless of past familiarity.

Please don't be mad.


Colin died three hours later.


The customer contended that she had been cheated.

It was unusual.

This rare stamp is hard to come by.

Some believe Nessie lives in this lake.

Miriam wanted to marry Thomas.

I'm the one who told Caleb about what Liza did.

What's your favorite hair style?

He kept reading the book.

With the fever that you have you cannot go out of the house.

The waterfront is a beautiful area.

I am glad to hear of your success.

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Michiel never got drunk.

It was Jay's fault, not yours.

Shoes change one's life. Just ask Cinderella!

This child is as gentle as a lamb today.

I made up my mind to get married to Margaret.

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Alastair was severely beaten by the police.

Saumya isn't a suspicious person by nature.

My expertise at the Space Academy was astrobiology, aka exobiology.

Tiefenthal slugged Liz.

He'll be groggy for another few hours until the drug wears off.


You don't very often put sugar in your coffee.

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Stand up and introduce yourself, please.

I wish everybody would stop telling me I need to be more careful.

That's why patients love you.

Cary is fuming.

I keep a cat and a dog.


I just wanted to proofread my e-mail.

Our mother had no choice but to make dinner with leftovers.

The drug smuggler was arrested at the airport.

We got an unexpected present from him. I guess he felt a little obligated after what we did for him.

You're very persuasive.


I'm convinced Doug is guilty.

I must leave at once.

I don't like cookies.

You should tell Woody as soon as possible.

Let's bounce.

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Some of them were not friendly.

I hope you do fine.

They furnished the library with many books.

Where is the arrivals hall?

His opinions are in accord with ours.

She goes to her family's home in France every summer.

Thanks for the reminder.

People care more about animals that are big and have a name.

I have finished my assignment.


I never meant to do that.

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That's not for you to decide.


I miss you very much.

His low salary prevents him from buying the house.

We won't allow it.

She's seeking for solidariety from a friend.

I said that to please my mother.


Naren doesn't know why Elwood is afraid.

I don't want to park too close to Deirdre's car.

Can you believe it? He's even lazier than me.

I'm exhausted. I'm going to bed.

We started talking on Facebook.

Here are the pictures from last night.

Why would they do that?

We'd better get the hole in the screen fixed or the house will be full of flies.

He finally kicked the bad habit.

I managed to get over the habit of finding fault with others.

Dave obeyed.

Bring her back.

My watch loses three minutes a week.

I didn't stay there very long.

He testified that no money changed hands at the meeting.


It's not clean.

Let us know if you can make it.

Mikael looks a bit nervous.

We're here to play basketball.

I disagree with the verdict.

I gave my plans away.

He always makes sure to come on time.

In the wardrobe, there is... I'm not saying what's in the wardrobe; that is remaining my great secret.

The mother bird brought worms for her young ones.

Knut was with me.

Hein was quite happy.

We talked about a lot of stuff.

Find the radius of the escribed circle of the triangle.


We walked on the banks of the Thames.

That last lecture was so boring. I was on the verge of falling asleep through most of it.

Place the deck of cards on the oaken table.

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What exactly is she referring to?

Nothing can resist me to yearn for freedom.

I need to figure something out.

Think said he saw something suspicious the morning Shannon died.

He led the defense of Ostyn castle, besieged by the Teutonic knights.

I won't let them do that.

Malloy feels passionately about this.

Rafael couldn't believe what she was hearing.

That actress is often laughed at for her very long chin.

Do you have an e-mail address?

Are you at odds with Boolean algebra?

Do whatever you want, there will be gossiping anyhow.

You've told me that already.

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Spying between friends is an absolute no no.

Earth has mountains, forests, fields, animals and people.

Pilar must choose between honor and death.


Shean and I usually speak to each other in French.

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Dan is moving out on the first.


I don't know why the English pronoun "I" always appears with a capital letter.


Save me, Lord, from my friends, I will deal with my enemies myself!

You should call the police.

That's what you want, isn't it?


We handcuffed them.


They milked the cow.

Do you have experience?

Which did you eat, fish or meat?

From now on, I'll only submit sensible sentences to Tatoeba.

Murph was a late bloomer.

I've got a pair of sunglasses.

Please put on this gown.

The bird soared above.

These and perhaps other sentences need to be removed from the corpus. They are from a copyrighted book.


You may go if you wish, it's up to you.

Isn't it a beautiful day for a marathon race?

Hsuan clicked his fingers.

When did you go to work?

You do not use the words "China" and "copyright" in the same sentence. You just don't.